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Photovoltaic subsidy

up to €4025

Our company SMsolar s.r.o. is one of the authorized contractors in the Green Homes project.

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Subsidies from the Green Homes project are non-refundable contributions from the European Union. Contributions partially reimburse the equipment for renewable energy sources and related costs up to 50% of the cost of purchasing and installing the equipment. Devices for renewable energy sources, which are also supported by the Green Homes project, are photovoltaic panels , wind turbines, solar collectors, boilers for burning biomass in the form of pellets and heat pumps.

Contribution for a family house - photovoltaic panels

The basic rate for a family house is €500/kW of installed power of photovoltaic panels. In the case of electricity consumption of more than 3000 kWh/year, proven by an invoice for the immediately preceding settlement period, a contribution of 1 kW/€500 will be provided for every 1000 kWh of electricity consumption, but a maximum of 7 kW

maximum basic rate contribution €500 x 7 kW = €3500

By increasing the basic rate by 15% to €575/kW, households that have a zero-emission device installed in areas with air quality management (areas designated as ORKO/Rank 3), i.e. a heat pump, solar collector, photovoltaic panel, wind turbine or households that stop using solid fuels, for example a coal or biomass boiler.

maximum contribution basic rate + 15% discount is €575 x 7 kW = €4025

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