Turnkey photovoltaics 🗝️☀️

In the following steps, we will explain in detail our process of implementing turnkey photovoltaic systems up to 10 kWp.

Choosing photovoltaics ☀️🔋

For an effective selection of a photovoltaic system, we need some important information from you for preliminary pricing. We therefore recommend that you visit this page , where you will find a form designed for this purpose. After filling it out, we will contact you to arrange a meeting or go over the details by phone . Our professional advice is aimed at providing solutions that best suit your needs .

Pricing of photovoltaics 🔍

As part of this step, we provide detailed pricing that is specifically tailored to your PV system requirements.

Our " Turnkey Photovoltaics " offer includes:

Converter, panels, supporting structure, wiring
material, implementation work, administration related to connection to the distribution system (VSD, SSD, ZSD), audit report, Green subsidy to households, replacement of electricity meter in 4Q.

Payment terms 💳

The payment terms are structured to provide you with maximum security and comfort:

No upfront payments

Your financial security is our priority. We do not require any payments before the work begins .

Use of subsidy

We provide the option of deducting the value of the subsidy from the total amount , which allows you to immediately use the financial benefits of the " Green Households " program.

Split payment

You pay 50% of the price after the start of installation , the remaining 50% after replacing the electricity meter (approx. 2-4 weeks after installation )

Approval of the offer

After receiving your consent to the offer, the process of concluding the contract for the work and signing the power of attorney follows. We can provide you with these documents electronically , or we can conclude them personally directly at your place .

The power of attorney allows us to submit a request for the installation of photovoltaics to the relevant distribution company on your behalf.

Realization 🛠️

After the application is approved by the distribution system, we start the implementation. Installation of the photovoltaic system usually takes 2-3 days . We will then set up the inverter, install the monitoring application on your device and provide you with detailed training on system administration.

Revision 🔧

After the successful completion and start-up of the photovoltaic power plant, a visit by a qualified inspection technician follows. This specialist will perform thorough measurements and check the wiring of the entire system. This process usually takes place within a week after the final installation is completed , ensuring that all components are installed correctly and the system is working optimally .

Electrometer replacement 🔄⚡

After receiving the audit report, we will submit a request to the distribution system for the replacement of the current electricity meter. Subsequently, the technicians of the distribution company will come to replace the old electricity meter with a new 4Q intelligent electricity meter , which enables remote measurement of the consumption and supply of electricity .

Gift 🎁

As an expression of our gratitude for your trust and cooperation, after the successful completion of the installation, we will send you a practical gift to your address . This gesture is Our way of expressing appreciation for Your decision to cooperate with Our company.

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