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Balancer for 4x12V GOOWEI ENERGY HA02 batteries

Balancer for 4x12V GOOWEI ENERGY HA02 batteries

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Product description
The active battery balancer (equalizer) HA02 is designed for all types of rechargeable batteries ( lead and lithium ) with a voltage from 2.4 to 12V, which are connected in series to maintain the voltage balance between the batteries. One balancer can be connected to up to 4 batteries at the same time.
When two or more battery blocks are connected in series, the voltage of the blocks during charging and discharging may be different. Cyclic operation means that the battery voltage is different between individual blocks. One battery has a higher voltage and one battery has a lower voltage. This condition causes irreversible damage to the batteries.
The battery balancer balances the voltage between the batteries - it balances to max. voltage difference of 10mV between the batteries. This will improve the performance and life of the batteries connected in the battery pack.

The balancer works with high frequencies, so it can emit high-frequency sound during operation, so it is not suitable for living spaces.

Technical parameters:
- Weight: 0.3 kg
- Designed for: 4x 2.4/3.6/6/9/12V batteries (serial connection)
- Balance current (A): 0-10
- Quiescent current (mA): (12V) 1.2 (2.4V)
- Dimensions (mm): 62x124x27
- Protection: Reverse polarity protection
- Disconnection at low voltage (V): 1.8
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