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Gel battery 12V 100Ah Geti for solar

Gel battery 12V 100Ah Geti for solar

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Gel battery 12V 100Ah Geti for solar

Product description
The Geti gel battery is especially suitable for solar and wind energy systems and caravans, but also as a replacement for batteries for UPS backup systems, backup sources, EMS, EPS applications, telecommunications, mobile warning and signaling devices, etc. It is a maintenance-free, hermetically sealed accumulator, which allows any working position.

Technical parameters:

  • production technology: GEL
  • voltage: 12 V
  • capacity: 100 Ah
  • dimensions: 328 x 172 x 217 mm
  • total height (with terminals): 220 mm
  • weight: approx. 29.5 kg
  • internal resistance (fully charged battery): 5 MOhm
  • self-discharge process <3%, 25 °C
  • packaging: 1 pc
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