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Battery LiFePO4 Ultimatron YX Smart BMS 12.8V/180Ah

Battery LiFePO4 Ultimatron YX Smart BMS 12.8V/180Ah

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Product description

The Ultimatron YX Smart BMS 12.8V/180Ah LiFePO4 battery - flat is designed for solar systems with a nominal voltage of 12V. It includes an integrated battery management BMS to control charging and provide information via bluetooth. An ideal replacement for lead-acid batteries with a much longer service life (up to 5000 cycles).

Technical parameters:

- nominal voltage: 12.8 V
- capacity 180 Ah
- energy: 1305Wh
- charging voltage: 14.4–14.6 V
- maintenance voltage: 13.6 V
- load disconnection: 11 V
- charging mode: CC/CV (1 phase constant current, 2 phase constant voltage)
- nominal charging current: 20A
- peak charging current: 50A
- max. discharge current: 150A (450A/5–15 msec.)
- service life: >3000 cycles at 0.2C capacity drop (80% new battery condition), >5000 cycles/0.5C
- self-discharge: 3%/month
- possibility of discharging up to 0.1C (10% capacity)
- integrated automatic charging (BMS-battery management system) - bluetooth 4.0
- temperature during charging: 0° to 45°C
- discharge temperature: –20° to 60°C
- storage temperature: –5° to 35°C
- IP protection: IP65
- thread on the battery contact: M8
- dimensions (LxWxH): 357×338×152 mm
- weight: 23.7 kg

Batteries can be arranged in series or in parallel - max 4 batteries. We recommend batteries of the same type, capacity and batch.

Product specification: r981d.pdf

Instructions: r981d.pdf

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