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Battery - Pylontech US2000C

Battery - Pylontech US2000C

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Pylontech US2000C battery

Reliable and powerful Pylontech batteries are distinguished by their modern design and excellent functionality. The advantage of LiFePO4 technology is resistance to ignition and thus guarantees maximum safety.

The main advantage of Pylontech US5000, compared to lower quality batteries, is mainly a high number of charging cycles (more than 6000 times!) with a 90% depth of discharge and the associated long service life. Part of the battery storage is an integrated battery management system for the balance of individual BMS cells. The compact and sophisticated device is easily expandable, allowing the gradual connection of up to eight storages at once.

The basic module has a storage capacity of 2.4 kW with a maximum current of 25A. For higher requirements, it is possible to easily connect others with the same capacity. When using several battery packs, they are charged in parallel

the current adds up. Using the LV hub unit, it is possible to connect up to 16 US2000C batteries

Pylontech US2000C product features

- Rated voltage: 48 V
-Nominal capacity: 2.4 kWh
-Usable capacity: 2.28 kWh
-Working temperature: discharge -10 - 50
-Working temperature: charging 0 - 50 ℃

-Dimensions: 442 x 410 x 89 mm (HxWxD)
-Weight: 22.5 kg
-Communication port: RS485, CAN

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Datasheet Pylontech - Battery US2000C - EN

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