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DC circuit breaker 10A 2-pole

DC circuit breaker 10A 2-pole

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One-way 2-pole circuit breaker with a rated current of 10A and a short-circuit resistance of 6kA.
It is used to protect cables against overload and short circuit.
Important notice - during installation, it is important to always observe the polarity of the device.

Technical parameters:
- Nominal working voltage DC: 220 V/ 440 V dc
-Short-circuit resistance: 10kA
-Shutdown characteristic: C
-Rated current: 10A
-Number of poles: 2
-Terminals: 1-25mm2, max. 2.5 Nm
- Degree of protection: IP20
-Mounting position: any
-Weight: 240g
- Standards: IEC 60898, EN 60898, DIN VDE 0641
- Manufacturer: ETI Elektroelement

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