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DC current sensor 50A

The use:

The DCI50A DC current sensor is designed to monitor the current between the battery and the hybrid inverter, as an accessory to the GreenBonO controller, as long as the GreenBonO is used for optimal utilization of the hybrid or island power plant.

Function principle:

The sensor works on the principle of the Hall effect. The conductor passing the measured current is covered with a ferrite ring. The current induces a magnetic flux in the ferrite core, which is sensed by the Hall probe and subsequently adjusted to an electric voltage. The sensor is powered by 5V DC (Vcc). Its output is at rest at half the value (Vcc/2), depending on the direction of the magnetic flux, it deviates from the resting value in a positive or negative direction and can acquire values ​​in the entire range from 0 to +5V. It can measure both DC and AC currents. However, since it requires a power source unlike measuring transformers, it is impractical for measuring AC currents.

Connecting the terminals:

The sensor contains 3 terminals:

-Left terminal: +5V - positive voltage supply

- Middle terminal: GND - common for power supply and output signal

-Right terminal: Idc - output voltage signal proportional to the measured current

Connection to GBO-Aku

Technical parameters:

- Supply voltage: 4.75 - 5.25 V
- Range of measured current: -50A - 50A
-Inner diameter of the ferrite ring: 20mm
-Dimensions: 83x23x42 mm

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