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Electric vertical heater Dražice OKCE 80

Electric vertical heater Dražice OKCE 80

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Electric vertical heater Dražice OKCE 80l

Working position - vertical (hung on the wall)

Electric heater intended for hanging on the wall with a volume of 80 liters. The distance between the screws of the hinge for fixing to the wall is 450 mm. It is also possible to purchase a curtain with a spacing of 350 mm.


Heating is provided by a ceramic heating element controlled by an operating thermostat and protected by a thermal fuse.

- Temperature range 5–74 °C

Main use

- DHW preparation in buildings with the possibility of using a low electricity tariff (night current).


- Safety-valve


  • Package dimensions: 585x585x805
  • Heating time to 60°C: 2.5h
  • Volume: 80 l
  • Weight: 36 kg
  • Max. container pressure: 6bar
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Input: 2kW
  • El. protection: IP 44
  • Manufacturer: Dražice
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