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Flexible solar panel 180W / 12V SZ-180-36MF Solarfam

Flexible solar panel 180W / 12V SZ-180-36MF Solarfam

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The Solarfam photovoltaic panel is made of monocrystalline silicon. It is light and partially flexible and is primarily intended for mounting on slightly rounded surfaces, e.g. On boats or caravans. It is equipped with cables with a length of 90 cm with MC4 terminals. It is intended for e system voltage 12V and PWM controllers and some MPPT controllers.

Model: SOLARFAM SZ-180-36MF
Max open circuit Voc = 23.4V
Max. short-circuit current Isc = 9.6A
Max power at 180W: Vmp = 19.8V
Max. current at 180W power: Imp = 9.09A
Efficiency: up to 21.2%
Working temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Max. system voltage: 1000V
Dimensions 1150 × 840 × 2mm / 7kg

Description of the monocrystalline cell
For the production of a monocrystalline cell, it is necessary to produce a single ingot of quartz crystal. Such production is quite demanding. The round ingot is Eze on the so-called Wafers that are cut to the desired size of the PV cell. Because the ingot was created as one large crystal of silicon, its structure is uniform and very clean.

Advantages of single crystal
Greater efficiency of cells and thus greater power output from the same area

Slightly slower "ageing" of silicon, i.e. the performance of the panel decreases more slowly with time
The recoloring of the cells is homogeneous, the panels are not "spotty"

In the case of gluing a flexible panel to the roof of a vehicle, caravan, etc. it is necessary to take into account the different expansions of the roof material and the panel, which can cause damage to the flexible panel.
We recommend gluing flexible panels to an intermediate layer made of "Makrolon Plaxiglas" material, which also allows air to flow under the solar panel, thereby increasing its efficiency.

Attention: the flexible panel can be bent only on the longer side and at an angle of maximum 25 °

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