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GoodWe 5K-DT three-phase inverter

GoodWe 5K-DT three-phase inverter

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Three-phase inverter GoodWe 5K-DT (wifi)

The GoodWe 5K-DT 2xMPPT 3-phase inverter is equipped with passive cooling and very low self-consumption. The advantage of all converters from this series, in addition to reliable performance and a reasonable price, is the possibility of communication using Wi-Fi or RS485 (must purchase an additional module).

Everyone will definitely be pleased with their own free monitoring. It is possible to connect a 3-phase measuring module (SmartMeter) to these three-phase GoodWe voltage inverters from the DT series, which measures and evaluates current values, voltage, direction of current flow and other parameters on the input phases to the object.

This system can also be combined with an AZrouter or Wattrouter controller, which will direct excess energy to ohmic appliances such as storage tanks or boilers, etc.

Product benefits
-High efficiency up to 93.8%
-MPP voltage max 850.0 V
-MPP voltage min 180.0 V
-Elegant design

Features of the GoodWe 5K-DT product
-Connection to the network: three-phase
- AC power: 5 kVA
-Monitoring MPP: 2
-Communication: RS485, WiFi
-Dimensions: 433x354x147 mm (HxWxD)
- Protection class: IP65
-Weight: 15 kg
-Warranty: 5 years

GW-DT G2 - User Manual

GoodWe GW5K-DT Datasheet

GoodWe DT G2 Quick Installation Guide

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