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Hybrid 10kWp GoodWe solar system -3f

Hybrid 10kWp GoodWe solar system -3f

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A hybrid solar system is a system that works with a battery and produced energy, which is not directly consumed by the household, can also supply batteries for later use. The system with battery storage can also work as a source, which means that in the event of a network distribution failure, I will provide power for selected appliances (e.g. lighting, refrigerator...)

With this solar system, if necessary, it is possible to prevent unwanted flow or adjust the max. flow to the distribution network.

The battery storage can be expanded in the future.

If you are interested in the installation of the system, write us an e-mail, or put notes in the order and let us know if you are also interested in the installation and we will give you my feedback.

System production during the year:
During the whole year, the system can produce an average of 11586 kWh of energy. 

It is possible to monitor the system using a mobile application or via a website anywhere in the world.

GoodWe GW8K-ET 3F hybrid inverter

The GoodWe ET 2xMPPT three-phase hybrid inverter offers 2 separate outputs. The phase of the family house is connected to the first output, and backup appliances are connected to the second output , which also work in the event of a distribution network failure. As long as it is connected to the network, it comes with an output. In the event of a distribution network failure, it supplies only to the second outlet. The transition to backup mode happens within milliseconds.
The converter can be set as flowless. Batteries can be charged from the AC side (from the distributor network). The inverter is able to work even without connected batteries.
Quiet operation without a fan

Technical parameters:

Input parameters from PV
Input parameters from PV
Max. input power from PV (Z) 13000
Max. DC input voltage (V) 1000
MPPT range (V) 200 ~ 850
MPPT range at full load (V) 460 ~ 850
Starting voltage (V) 180
Rated DC input voltage (V) 620
Max. direct current (A) 11/11
Max. short-circuit current (A) 13.8 / 13.8
Number of MPPT controllers 2
Number of strings on MPPT 1/1

battery specifications:
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery range (V) 180 ~ 550
Max. charging current (A) 25
Max. discharge current (A) 25
Charging system for Li-Ion Auto-adaptive with BMS

AC output information: (Mains)
Nominal AC power to the distribution network (VA) 10000
Max. apparent output power to the grid (VA) 11000
Max. apparent input from the distribution network (VA) 15000
Rated output voltage (V) 400/380, 3L / N / PE
Nominal output frequency (Hz) 50/60

AC output information: (Backup)
Max. apparent output power (VA) 10000
Peak apparent power (VA) 16500.60 sec
Max. output voltage (A) 16.5
Rated output voltage (V) 400/380
Nominal output frequency (Hz) 50/60

Max. efficiency 98%
EURO efficiency more than 97.5%
MPPT controller matching efficiency 99.9%

Solar panel LONGi LR5-66HIH 500Wp

This monocrystalline panel has a peak power of 500Wp.

The panel is encased in a solid aluminum frame, which allows for safe installation


Power: 500W

  • Connector: EVO 2
  • Panel frame color: black
  • Efficiency: 21.1%
  • Snow load: 5400 Pa
  • Wind load: 2400 Pa
  • Dimensions: 2094x1134x35 mm (LxWxH)
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Weight: 26.0 kg
  • Cable length: 1.4m


Special guarantees of the manufacturer LONGi
12 years manufacturer's warranty on the product.
Performance guarantee for 25 years, 82.37% of nominal performance

EZ Meter SMART GoodWe

The measuring module is necessary for the correct operation of the converter and serves to measure the direction, range and power, and also operates the converters via RS485 communication.

Battery Pylotech Force H2 10.7 kWh

Force H2 10.7 kWh high voltage battery from Pylotech

The Pylontech Force H2 battery is the latest version of the high voltage storage system. The newly designed system provides easy connection of battery panels, saving installers valuable time. The stacking system provides a flexible configuration from 96 V to 384 V and a capacity of 7.1 kWh to 14.21 kWh.

Product advantages:
-Panel design
- Degree of protection IP55
-10 year warranty

- Battery capacity: 10.65 kWh
- Usable battery capacity: 9.59 kWh
- Lithium-iron-phosphate technology (LFP)
- Nominal voltage 288 V
- Charging/discharging current: 18.5 A
- Weight: 117 kg
- Degree of protection: IP 55

System wiring diagram

What does the system include?

- 20 x Solar panel LONGi LR5-66HIH 500Wp

- GoodWe GW10K-ET 3F inverter

-Solar battery Pylontech Force H2 10.7kWh

20x Construction of your choice

- EZ meter SMART GoodWe

- 40m Solar cable 6 mm2 black

-2x 12A fuse switch

-2x Cylindrical fuse 12A

-2x 3-phase. AC circuit breaker 25A

-DC Overvoltage protection 1000V

Plastic junction box 16M

GoodWe inverter manual

Instructions for the PV master application

Technical documentation of the GoodWe inverter

EZ measurement guide

EZ meter technical documentation

Force H2 VDE Certificate

Force H2 IEC62619 Certificate

Datasheet PylonTech Force H2

PyloTech Force H2 Datasheet EN

PyloTech Force H2 Compatibility

PyloTech Force H2 Instructions EN

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