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Hybrid voltage converter MPS 2.2KVA-1.8kW/12V

Hybrid voltage converter MPS 2.2KVA-1.8kW/12V

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The device is a combination of pure sine wave inverter, UPS and MPPT controller for solar panels. It is therefore a backup source with backup by the public network or a generator, a battery charger and an MPPT solar controller, while the priority of the operation of the PV system can be set, Ie. priority of the public network and backup from batteries or PV panels.

The main parameters of the device:

  • MPPT battery type
  • Inverter type hybrid inverter
  • Warranty 2 years from the date of purchase.
  • Battery voltage 12V
  • Maximum input power (PV) 2000 W
  • Output AC voltage 230VAC±5%
  • Maximum PV input voltage 450 V DC
  • Output power (AC) 1800 W
  • Maximum yield 90% - 93%
  • Dimensions (width x length x depth) 405 x 286 x 98 mm
  • MPPT voltage range 55 – 450 V DC
  • Maximum charging current / SOLAR CHARGER 80A
  • Maximum charging current / BATTERY & AC CHARGER 60A
  • Input AC voltage 230 VAC
  • Voltage range 170-280 VAC (for personal computers) / 90-280 VAC (for household appliances)
  • Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz (automatic detection)
  • Number of phases single-phase
  • Signal type Pure sine
  • Weight 4.5 kg

    The MPS-2.2K is a pure sine wave (pure sine wave) voltage converter that reproduces high-quality current similar to that of the public network. It can be used to power all types of devices.

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