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Hybrid voltage converter MPS3K-24, DC/AC 2.4kW/24V

Hybrid voltage converter MPS3K-24, DC/AC 2.4kW/24V

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The device is a combination of pure sine wave inverter, UPS and MPPT controller for solar panels. It is therefore a backup source with backup by the public network or a generator, a battery charger and an MPPT solar controller, while the priority of the PV system can be set, Ie. priority of the public network and backup from batteries or PV panels.

The main parameters of the device:
-system voltage 24V
-converter with a pure sine wave
-battery charging current when operating from a network of 20 or 30A
-battery charging current when charging from PV panels: 20-60A
- possibility of parallel switching - up to 6 pcs
- adjustable AC or BAT priority
- protection against overload, short circuit and against battery discharge
-automatic restart after overload
- intelligent battery charger
- usable batteries: lead AGM, AGM GEL, with liquid dielectric
- soft start for gradual load start-up
-consumption in stand-by mode 10W
-consumption at low load: 25W
- for solar panels with max. with a no-load voltage of 75V and a current of max. 60A.
-max. usable power of PV panels: 1000W (Imp=60Amax)

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