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GoodWe 5000D-NS single-phase inverter

GoodWe 5000D-NS single-phase inverter

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GoodWe 5000D-NS single-phase inverter (wifi)

The GoodWe single-phase voltage converter with two MPP trackers is suitable for more complex installations, where it is necessary to place photovoltaic panels, e.g. on the east and west roofs. Thanks to passive cooling, it has very little self-consumption. It is possible to connect a toroid measuring module (CT device) to the inverters, which measures the direction of current flow and can regulate the performance of the device based on the measured values. And thereby ensure its "flowlessness" into the distribution network. A great advantage of the GoodWe 5000D-NS 2x MMPT 1-phase inverters is their high compatibility with most photovoltaic technologies and components

Converters can be used both for smaller installations in homes and for large photovoltaic projects. In combination with the wireless controller AZ router or Wattrouter, we can direct unused energy flows to ohmic appliances (typically boiler, storage tanks, etc.). A free power plant monitoring system using Wi-Fi or the RS485 interface is a matter of course.

Product benefits
-High efficiency up to 93.8%
-MPP voltage max 550.0 V
-MPP voltage min 80.0 V
-Elegant design

Features of the GoodWe 5000D-NS product
-Connection to the network: single-phase
- AC power: 5 kVA
-Monitoring MPP: 2
-Communication: RS485, WiFi
-Dimensions: L 147mm, W 354mm, H 433mm
- Protection class: IP65
-Weight: 13 kg
-Warranty: 5 years

GoodWe 5000D-NS Datasheet

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