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Voltage converter 1600W 12V modified sinusoid

Voltage converter 1600W 12V modified sinusoid

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Voltage converter Geti GPI 1612 12V/230V 1600W USB

Inverter - The converter creates 230V alternating voltage from 12V direct voltage. This enables the connection of various 230 V appliances to the voltage source, such as in a car, on a boat, with solar devices in cottages or while camping. Ideal for connecting a digital camera, mobile phone, laptop, printer, lamp, CD / DVD player, radio, etc. with a maximum power of up to 1600W. The inverter is also equipped with a USB output for powering various devices via a USB 2.0 interface. The device includes protection against reverse polarity, low / high voltage, short circuit, overload, overheating and high / low battery voltage. The ripple of the output voltage has the shape of a modified sinusoid.

Product parameters:
Ideal for travel, camping, cabins and as a backup power source in case of emergency
High efficiency and compact dimensions
Holes for fixed mounting
Soft start function for gentle start-up of appliances
Protection against overload, overheating, complete battery discharge, short circuit, overvoltage and reverse polarity
Protective PE conductor and external fuse
LED indication

Technical parameters:
Input voltage: 12V DC
Output voltage: 230V AC / 50Hz, 6.9 A max.
Maximum load: 1600W (continuous) / 3200W (peak)
Shape: modified sinusoid
USB power port: 5V DC, max. 2.1 A
Dimensions: 325 x 208 x 77 mm
Weight: 3200 g
Degree of protection: IP20

sales packaging: 1 pc, paper box
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