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Voltage converter 12V / 230V 4000W, pure sine wave, FS4000

Voltage converter 12V / 230V 4000W, pure sine wave, FS4000

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Top inverter with a clean sine wave suitable for appliances with high demands on a clean sine wave of the supply voltage. When using this inverter, there is no risk of damage to appliances with sensitive electronics, such as TV receivers, monitors, some coffee machines, chargers, etc. At the same time, thanks to its performance, it is suitable for the emergency use of any appliance with a high demand, such as welding machines, hand tools, etc. However, with such high consumption, it is necessary to use a battery with a capacity of min. 200Ah and sufficiently dimensioned supply wires (for distance up to 5m min 35mm2). The inverter is equipped with a removable remote control with wireless transmission at a distance of up to 5 m.

Nominal input voltage: 12VDC
Allowed input voltage range: 10.5V-15VDC
Rated output voltage: 230VAC + USB 5VDC / 2.1 A
Allowed load: 4000W continuously, 8000W 3sec., 4500W 3min.
Current consumption: 1.5 A at no load, 340 A at full load
Efficiency: 89~93%
Protection against undervoltage: at Uvst <10.5 V - alarm, <10V - shutdown
Overvoltage protection: when Uvst> 15.5V - shutdown
Thermal protection - against overheating. Automatic reset after cooling down.
Protection against overload and short circuit at the output
Soft start: 3-5sec
LCD display with display of battery voltage [DCV], output voltage [ACV [and instantaneous consumption [W [-data are displayed sequentially in a period of approx. 1s
Safety and EMC: EN62040-2, EN61000-3, IEC61000-4-3, IEC61000-4-6
Insulation resistance: 100Mohm / 500V, I / PO / P
Dimensions: 550 × 230 × 105mm / 9kg

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