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Voltage converter 400W 12V pure sine wave

Voltage converter 400W 12V pure sine wave

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Voltage converter CARSPA P400 12V/230V 400W pure sine wave USB

This sine voltage converter supplies a purely sine output voltage, the same as from a 230V socket. So you can connect any appliance to it. This inverter is essential for appliances with an electric motor (power tools, drills) or with inductive loads (pumps, transformers).

Function :
Earthing protection
Reverse polarity protection
Overload protection
Overvoltage protection
High temperature protection
Low voltage protection
Short circuit protection

USB output 5V / 500mA, can charge your mobile phone and digital devices

PWM high-frequency technology, small dimensions, high performance

Technical specifications:
Output: 400W (continuous) / 800W (peak) / USB 5V / 500mA
Output current: 33 A (max.)
Frequency: 50 Hz
Curve shape: sinusoid
Power supply: 9.5-16V DC
Dimensions: 260 x 150 x 58mm
Weight: 1600 g
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