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MPPT solar controller EPsolar 200VDC/100A 10420AN - 12/24/48V

MPPT solar controller EPsolar 200VDC/100A 10420AN - 12/24/48V

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The powerful MPPT solar controller 10420AN provides a reliable solution for larger systems with panel voltage up to 200 V and max. charging current 100A. Battery 12/24 / 48V, PV max. 1250/2500 / 5000Wp.

MPPT solar controller EPEVER Tracer 10420AN - a new generation of powerful solar controllers brings high quality and maximum equipment for PV systems. The Tracer AN series is characterized by high charging performance, so it will be used in larger island and hybrid systems.

A multifunctional display is integrated directly into the MPPT controller for easy monitoring of the system and possible setting of operating parameters incl. control LEDs.

The regulator works as an inverter, that is, it can process a higher input voltage and a lower current to a lower voltage and a higher current with high efficiency. So we can use practically any solar panel. The regulator is compatible with lead and lithium-ion batteries.

Tracer AN series regulator based on multi-phase synchronous rectification technology (MSRT) and advanced MPPT control algorithm, with dual-core processor architecture and common minus pole. MSRT can guarantee a very high conversion efficiency at any charging power, which clearly improves the energy efficiency of the solar system.
The advanced MPPT control algorithm minimizes power loss and wasted time, ensures efficient tracking, as well as high conversion efficiency at high or low power, so that in any situation, Tracer AN products can quickly track the maximum operating voltage of the PV system to obtain maximum energy from the panel.

Maximum output of solar panels in Wp
The maximum charging power for the battery of this model is 100A, which corresponds to a panel power of 1250 Wp if you have a 12V battery, 2500 Wp if you have a 24V battery, or 5000Wp if you have a 48V battery. In case the panel will deliver higher power, the regulator will only limit it to its nominal max. Power. But the power of the PV panels must not be higher than 1.5 times the nominal power of the regulator, otherwise the regulator may be permanently damaged!

Maximum input voltage of solar panels
You can connect solar panels in series, but their output total no-load voltage, referred to as Voc (be careful not to confuse it with the voltage of the panel under load, referred to as Vmpp), must never exceed the no-load voltage value Voc 200V - exceeding this value will permanently damage the regulator. Here it is necessary to take into account that with decreasing ambient temperature the voltage of the solar panel increases and the Voc value given in the parameters of the solar panel is the value for 25 ℃. We therefore do not recommend that the value of the stated Voc exceed 180V at 25℃ (load voltage Vmpp maximum 144V)! The maximum allowed number of PV panels connected in series for individual types according to the 12/24/48V battery can be found in the manual.

If you are not sure about the choice of a suitable regulator and the ideal connection of solar panels, do not hesitate to contact us.

Monitoring and setting

Setting the controller parameters (mainly the type of battery used) is performed using the built-in LCD or external MT50 display - it is not part of the controller. There are three basic types of batteries: hermetically sealed, gel, flooded. The fourth option is a user-adjustable battery - here you can set any parameters.

You can also set parameters and monitor on your PC, you will only need an EPsolar USB communication cable and software, which you can download for free on the USB cable card. It can also monitor and set using a mobile phone or tablet. For this you will need the bluetooth module BLE-01.

Description of the controller

1 LED charging indicator
2 SELECT button ("SELECT")
3 Fuse
4 Ground terminal
5 Holes for M4 lid screw
6 PV reverse polarity alarm indicator
7 Generator and load relay active
8 Port RTS - external temperature sensor
9 RS485 port (5 V DC / 200 mA)
10 Function / generator relay on
11 Port RBVS - voltage sensor
12 Controlled load delay
13 Relay distribution network / generator off
14 Clamps for photovoltaic panels
15 Battery terminals
16 ENTER button ("ENTER")
17 LCD
18 LED failure indicator

Load relays or automatic generator control make it easy to create a hybrid power system. Comprehensive electronic protections, including protection against overcharging, over-discharging and PV polarity reversal protection effectively ensure safer and more reliable operation of the solar system for a longer period of time. The isolated RS485 interface with standard MODBUS communication protocol and 5V power supply makes it easy for the consumer to expand the device, supports the operation of up to 8 controllers in a row for system expansion, and meets various monitoring requirements, so it can be used in various devices, such as Solar RV, home systems, field monitoring, etc.

Wiring diagram

Basic features:
• CE certification (LVD EN / IEC62109, EMC EN61000-6-1 / 3)
• High-quality and low-failure components from ST and Infineon to ensure the longest possible product life
• Advanced MPPT technology and very high tracking speed up to 99.5%
• Maximum efficiency of DC / DC transmission, up to 98.7%
• Advanced MPPT control algorithm minimizes MPP losses and wasted time
• Accuracy recognition and tracking at the highest point of multiple peak MPP values
• Wide range of MPP operating voltage
• Automatic control system to limit charging power and current exceeding the rated value
• Support for four types of batteries: Hermetically sealed, gel, flooded and user adjustable
• Battery temperature compensation function
• Real-time energy recording and statistical functions
• Function of automatic power reduction when the temperature is exceeded
• One hundred percent operation at full load in the temperature range of the working environment during charging and discharging
• Support up to 8 units in a row for system expansion
• External load switch signal controlling the load relay to realize diversified workload modes
• First and second load control disconnection, contains two relay contacts
• Design of automatic control function and generator relay
• Automatically controlled relay network / generator facilitating the creation of a hybrid power system
• Remote temperature and voltage sensor option for collecting accurate battery temperature and voltage data
• Isolated RS-485 port with 5V DC / 200 mA output for electrical devices with MODBUS protocol and without its own power supply
• Monitoring and setting parameters using mobile applications or computer software.

Dimensions: 394 × 242 × 143 mm
Weight: 7.4 kg

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