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On-grid 2.8kWp GoodWe solar system with surplus regulation - 1f

On-grid 2.8kWp GoodWe solar system with surplus regulation - 1f

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On-grid solar system with surplus regulation

How does this system work?

This system works without batteries and the produced energy must be consumed directly by the household. If the electricity produced is greater than the household consumes at a given moment, the surpluses acquired from the photovoltaic panels will be redirected to the water heating in the boiler/storage using the GBO-Aku regulation. Another option for using surpluses is the possibility of directing them to heat water in a storage tank (swimming pool) or to charge an electric car.

What is this system suitable for?

The main task of this system is to reduce the cost of electricity for the operation of appliances in the home and to reduce the cost of energy for heating water with the help of a regulator designed to achieve the maximum possible use of self-produced electricity from the photovoltaic power plant.

What do you get with this system?

Warm water that will be heated by the sun.

Water heating self-sufficiency

Daily savings of 40 to 60% on the operation of household electrical appliances.

Return of invested funds during 4 to 6 years

GoodWe 3000D-NS single-phase inverter

It converts the energy produced from the sun by PV panels into usable energy for our electrical appliances, lighting, equipment, etc. In combination with the GBO-Aku regulator, it can direct unused energy flows to ohmic appliances (typically boiler, storage tanks, etc.). A free power plant monitoring system using Wi-Fi or the RS485 interface is a matter of course.

  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Dimensions (HxWxD mm): 433 x 354 x 147
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Protection class: IP 65

Solar panel JA Solar 405Wp

This monocrystalline panel has a peak power of 405Wp.

The panel is encased in a solid black aluminum frame, which thanks to this aesthetically blends in with the entire panel.

Special guarantees of the manufacturer JA SOLAR
12 years manufacturer's warranty on the product.
Performance guarantee for 25 years, 82.37% of nominal performance.


Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Number of cells: 108 (6 x 18)
Nominal max. power: 405W
Cable cross-section size: 4 mm² (IEC)
Dimensions H/W/D: 1722x1134x30mm
Weight 21.5 kg

GBO-Aku regulator

"GBO-Aku" regulator with continuous power regulation for perfect use of electricity from any photovoltaic power plant. It is designed to achieve the maximum possible use of self-generated electricity in places with any photovoltaic power plant, the production of which is primarily intended for direct consumption, by automatically redirecting the surplus of unused energy to heating water in the boiler/storage.

GBO-Aku connection diagram:

What does this system include?

-7x solar panel JA Solar 405Wp
-GoodWe 3000D-NS single-phase inverter
-7x Construction of your choice
- 40m Solar cable 4 mm2 black
-2x fuse switch
-2x Cylindrical fuse 12A
-GBO-Aku regulator r
- 3-phase current measurement module
- Contactless relay SSR-25A
- Circuit breaker IC60N 10A/1P B 6kA

- Circuit breaker IC60N 2A/1P B 6kA
- Circuit breaker IC60N 16A/1P B 6kA
- DC Surge protection 600V/40kA

- Plastic switchboard 24 places

Instructions for the PV master application

Communication with PC - GBO Aku

Assembly manual GBO Aku

Several other wiring diagrams

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