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PWM controller 10A EPsolar

PWM controller 10A EPsolar

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Quality solar PWM controller 10A 12V / 24V with clear built-in LCD display and two USB outputs. Only suitable for panels with a power of approx. 150Wp / 12V battery and 300Wp / 24V battery.

PWM solar controller. It is designed for small island solar systems with 12V solar panels (36 cells) for recharging a 12V battery, or 24V solar panels (72 cells - two 36 cell panels can be connected in series) for recharging a 24V battery and a maximum charging current of up to 10A. The advantage is very simple and easy installation and reliable operation.
The built-in clear LCD display will provide you with information about the voltage and current of the solar panel, the battery voltage and the charging current, as well as the current drawn current for DC appliances. It also offers statistical information on the total amount of energy produced and consumed.
Using the buttons below the display, you can set one of three types of lead-acid batteries: sealed, gel or open liquid batteries.
Furthermore, this model now offers two USB outputs for charging e.g. Mobile phone or other portable electronic devices. The maximum current of the USB output is 2.4A.

More detailed information can be found in the attached prospectus and the Czech manual, which we will deliver together with this product.
When installing / connecting, we always proceed by connecting the battery to the solar controller first, the DC appliances second and the solar panel last. After installation, it is only necessary to set the type of battery used according to the manual. No further settings are required.

It is not possible to connect an external MT50 display or a PC interface to the controller. An external battery temperature sensor can be connected.

- Automatic detection of 12V or 24V
- Overvoltage protection.
- Short circuit protection.
- Protection against reverse polarity connection of solar panels and batteries.
- At low voltage, it disconnects the output of the load.
- Optional external temperature sensor
- The maximum charging and discharging current is 10A
- Dimensions: 142x85x41.5mm
- Weight: 220g.
- Operating temperature: -25°C to +55°C
- Maximum size of connection cables: 4mm2
- Designed for indoor installations , wall mounting.
- For recharging lead accumulators
- Protection: IP30
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