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PWM controller 5A Victron Energy

PWM controller 5A Victron Energy

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High-quality solar PWM controller BlueSolar-light 5A 12V / 24V. Only suitable for panels with a power of approx. 80Wp/12V battery and 150Wp/24V battery. Full warranty of 5 years.

PWM controller. Its design is intended for small island solar systems with 12V (36 cells) or 24V (72 cells) panels and a maximum current of up to 5A. The advantage is very simple and easy installation and reliable operation.
- Simple setting of automatic switching on and off of the output for the load using the integrated display
- Internal temperature sensor.
- Automatic detection of 12V or 24V
- Three phases of battery charging.
- Overvoltage protection.
- Short circuit protection.
- Protection against reverse polarity connection of solar panels and batteries.
- At low voltage, it disconnects the output of the load.
- Dimensions: 70x133x33.5 mm
- Weight: 160g.
- Operating temperature: -35°C to +55°C.
- Designed for indoor installations, wall mounting.

- For recharging lead accumulators
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