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Solar Kerberos 320.B - 2kW

Solar Kerberos 320.B - 2kW

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Device for photovoltaic water heating with MPP tracker, ensuring higher yield of solar profits. Universal use, touch LCD display, possibility of reheating.

Photovoltaic water heating - SOLAR KERBEROS compliant with the subsidy program NEW GREEN SAVINGS

Solar Kerberos serves for efficient use of energy produced from photovoltaic panels. Thanks to the integrated MPP tracker, it can increase profits by an average of 30%, compared to a system without this device. However, it also has other functions and advantages that you will definitely use and appreciate.

Main advantages:
- higher profits thanks to the MPP tracker by an average of 30%
- universal use with any reservoir or storage tank containing a heating coil with a power of 2-3kW
- color, backlit, touch LCD display showing settings, current values ​​and measured profits
- possibility of additional heating using electricity from the distribution network, also uses HDO signal for cheaper electricity
- fully functional even in island operation, it does not need any other energy source than photovoltaic panels
- there is no risk of overheating and stagnation as with photothermal solar systems
- possibility to set the heating schedule
- very simple installation of both the device itself and the wiring, plus zero costs for operation and service
- more uniform solar gains during the year compared to photothermal systems

Package contents:
1x Solar Kerberos
2x temperature sensor
1x Czech manual

Basic technical parameters:
Dimensions: 395x323x105 mm (HxWxD)
Weight: 6.1 kg

Electrical parameters - photovoltaic part
Input voltage (limits): 200 - 340VDC
Range of MPP tracker: 140 - 310VDC
Maximum current: 9A
Recommended connection - 8 panels in series with parameters:
Voc = 37V, Vmpp = 30.2V, Impp = 7.46A, P = 250W
It is possible to use a different number of panels with different performance, but it is necessary to strictly observe the maximum input voltage of 340V DC under any illumination and temperature.

Electrical parameters - network part
Input voltage: 230VAC 50Hz
Maximum output current: 13A

Output to the heating body
Power - according to input voltages, limited max. with a current of 13A from the network and 9A from PV panels. Recommended power of the body for the mentioned combination min. 2000W

Temperature regulators
Setting range: 10 - 80°C
Temperature fuse: YES - electronic

User manual

Installation manual

Data sheet

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