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Solar battery Victron Energy AGM Super Cycle 38Ah

Solar battery Victron Energy AGM Super Cycle 38Ah

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The Super Cycle battery is suitable for smaller battery systems where more frequent deep discharge is required. The paste of the positive plates is less sensitive to softening, even in case of repeated 100% discharge of the battery. New electrolyte additives reduce sulfation in case of deep discharge.

Exceptional performance at 100% depth of discharge (DoD)
Tests have shown that the Super Cycle battery can withstand at least three hundred cycles at 100% DoD discharge.
The tests consist of a daily discharge to 10.8 s I = 0.2 C20, followed by approximately two hours of resting in the discharged state and then recharging with I = 0.2 C20.
Two hours in a fully discharged state will damage most batteries over 100 cycles, but not a Super Cycle battery.
We recommend the Super Cycle battery for applications where occasional discharge to 100% DoD or frequent discharge to 60-80% DoD is expected.

Smaller and lighter
Another benefit of the new chemistry is a slightly smaller size and lighter weight compared to standard AGM deep cycle batteries.

When connecting the batteries in series, it is necessary to use a battery balancer, which will ensure an even charge and a longer life of the batteries.

Victron Energy gel batteries are intended for smaller battery and photovoltaic applications of the Off-Grid type (island applications), for example for powering cottages and other objects outside the reach of the electricity network with seasonal operation.

cyclic life
≥ 300 cycles @ 100% DoD (discharges for 10.8 s with I = 0.2 C20, followed by approximately two hours of rest in the discharged state and then recharges with I = 0.2 C20)
≥ 700 cycles @ 60% DoD (three-hour discharge with I = 0.2 C20, immediately followed by recharging at I = 0.2C2o)
≥ 1000 cycles @ 40% DoD (two-hour discharge I = 0.2 C20, immediately followed by recharging at I = 0.2 C20)

Technical specifications:
Capacity: 38 Ah at C20 at 10.8 V level
Operating voltage: 12 V
Number of articles: 6
External dimensions (length x width x height): 267x77x175 mm
Weight: 10 kg

Recommended values ​​for setting the charger for cyclic operation:
Recommended voltage during absorption (absorption): 14.2 - 14.6 V
Recommended voltage in maintenance mode (float): 13.5 - 13.8 V
Recommended storage voltage: 13.2 - 13.5 V

charging currents
- recommended charging current: 4A
- maximum charging current: 8A
- maximum discharge current: 8A
Connection screw: M5

Technical documentation

Technical documentation

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