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Solar cable 6mm2 black

Solar cable 6mm2 black

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SOLAR cable 6.0 mm2 black , single core and UV resistant, intended for solar power plants. 1pc=1m.


Flexibility in installation and extremely long service life - that's what's important about solar cables. This means zero maintenance for the lifetime of your photovoltaic system. Resistance to UV radiation will ensure maximum service life and good function.

The price is for 1 m. In the order, 1 pc means a cable with a length of 1 m. It is possible to sell any length (max. 500m in one piece), which, if necessary, please specify in more detail in the notes. To connect the photovoltaic panel, you need a pair of cables, i.e. 2 x 7 m, for example.

If necessary, we will install connectors on the cable for connection to the panel upon request. Most solar panels are equipped with connectors (2 pcs) from the factory. The connector will provide you with a quick and easy (quickly removable) connection of the solar panel to the wire.

Technical parameters:
Nominal voltage: 600 / 1000V
Test voltage: 3000V
Temperature fixed installation: -30 -70 ° C
Nominal shell diameter: 6.3 mm

The meter is marked on the cable.

Technical specification

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