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Solar panel 60Wp Victron Energy

Solar panel 60Wp Victron Energy

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Solar panel suitable for building a smaller solar system. The panel consists of 36 articles.

Solar polycrystalline panel BlueSolar 60Wp-12V series 4a with a peak power of 60Wp, for systems with a working voltage of 12V.

Main characteristic:
- low coefficient of dependence of voltage on temperature increases the efficiency of operation at high temperatures
- extraordinary performance at low light intensity and high sensitivity to light in the entire solar spectrum
- 25-year limited warranty on output power and operating parameters (10 years 90% + 25 years 80% output power)
- closed waterproof multi-functional junction box provides a high level of security
- powerful bridging (by-pass) diodes limit the drop in power during shading
- the robust frame made of anodized aluminum facilitates the roof mounting of the panels in a variety of mounting systems
- highly transparent tempered glass of the highest quality shows increased rigidity and impact resistance
- the advanced EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) encapsulation system with a three-layer protective film meets the strictest requirements for the safety of high-voltage equipment

We recommend the BlueSolar light-5A PWM solar controller for this panel

Basic technical parameters:
Operating voltage: 12V
Peak power: 60W
Dimensions: 545x668x25
Weight: 4 kg


The solar panel is equipped with a waterproof terminal block on the back, into which the cables leading to the solar controller are connected (no need for MC4 connectors)

Technical specification

Technical specification

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