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Solar controller PWM KTD1220 12-24V 20A

Solar controller PWM KTD1220 12-24V 20A

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Solar regulator PWM KTD1220, 12-24V / 20A

PWM solar controller with additional timer function, allowing to connect the load after the end of solar panel illumination for a certain time and also with a possible delay. It is primarily intended for night lighting control, when the output is activated at a time when the panels are not producing energy, i.e. when it is dark. You can completely disable this function and use the controller in standard mode using all the protections of the connected battery.

System voltage: 12 / 24V
Rated charging current: 20A
Rated discharge current: 20A
Consumption in standby mode: <5mA
Voltage drop during charging: <0.26V
Voltage drop during discharge: <0.15V
Max. solar panel voltage: 41V
Increase in charging voltage: 14.8V (1 hour after reaching the terminal voltage of 13.8V)
Average charging voltage: 14.2-14.5V
Floating charging voltage: 13.8V
Recharging at Ubat: <13.2V
Disconnecting appliances at Ubat: < 11.2V
Connecting appliances at Ubat:> 12.6V
Operating temperature: -35°C to 55°C
protections: short circuit / overcurrent / protection against overload / overcharge, protection against polarity reversal

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