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Solar controller PWM KTN-B 12/24V 20A

Solar controller PWM KTN-B 12/24V 20A

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Solar controller PWM KTN-B-20A 12-24V / 20A

A simple PWM controller for lead-acid batteries. Designed for a system voltage of 12V or 24V with fixed operating parameters and a maximum charging and load current of 20A for panels up to 240W-12V or 480W-24V.

Brief description of PWM controllers:
Solar PWM controllers connect the solar panels directly to the battery being charged, and after reaching the set or given terminal voltage of the battery, the subsequent regulation is solved by pulse limitation-interruption of the current. This happens at a frequency of units to tens of Hz, and in some controllers it is indicated by a flashing LED labeled "charge" or "solar". Regulators are suitable for panels with the same system voltage as the battery voltage, otherwise losses occur when part of the performance is wasted due to inappropriate VA characteristics of the panel.

Rated battery voltage: 12 or 24V
Rated charging current: 20A
Rated load current: 20A
Voltage for load disconnection: <10.7V (21.4V)
Voltage for recovery of connected load: <12V (24V)
Charging voltage: 13.7V (27.4V)
Max. PV panel power: 240W (480W)
USB output 5V / 1A
Indication of charging (flashes during pulse limitation), charging and battery voltage (3 levels)
Dimensions: 70 × 130 × 20mm
Weight: 110g

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