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Surge arrester SLP-PV500 V/US

Surge arrester SLP-PV500 V/US

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Surge arrester SLP-PV500 V/US

Product description:

-Removable module, optical fault signaling, module blocking option, remote fault signaling

-Varistor surge arrester in 'U' connection

- To protect photovoltaic installations, where sufficient distance is maintained or LPS is not used

-Selection of SPD maximum operating voltage: UCPV ≥ 1.2 × UOC STC

Technical parameters :

-Weight: 0.4 kg
- Brand: SALTEK
- Degree of protection IP: IP20
-Type of voltage: DC
-Number of poles: 2
-Max. discharge current Imax (8/20): 40kA
-Max. operating voltage: 510V
- Rated short-circuit current: 10,000A DC
-Range of transport temperatures: -40/80°
- SPD type: PV T2
-Mounting: DIN rail 35mm

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